Problems with video buffering can be frustrating and have a negative impact on your live video streaming experience. Fortunately, there are several ways to stop and prevent buffering on your network, such as upgrading your router, reducing background processes, and removing malware from your system.

1 Stop all other active downloads on your computer or device. Other background processes and downloads will consume extra resources and bandwidth that could otherwise be attributed to streaming. Quit any games and applications that may be running in the background when doing live streaming.

Pause the video for a few minutes to create a larger buffer. This allows your computer to download more of the video so you can watch the video in its entirety without breaks or pausing.

Wait until the services for the content provider are less busy. The servers of content providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube may be slower or busier than usual depending on the provider’s resources and peak hours.

Limit the number of devices active on your network. Multiple devices being used on the same Internet network will consume that network’s bandwidth and cause buffering, especially if your router is unable to support a heavy traffic load. When streaming videos, make sure the Internet usage is limited across devices

Reduce the quality of the video in settings. Reducing the quality of videos helps decrease bandwidth and limit instances of buffering. If using third-party software or services to stream videos, modify video quality via the settings menu.

Consider using a wired Internet connection. Wireless Internet connections are more likely to be disrupted by problems with the signal, frequency, and physical obstructions, such as walls or furniture. Try switching to a wired connection to help eliminate problems with buffering.

Install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your device. Most video streaming sites use Adobe Flash, which means running an outdated version of Flash can cause buffering during live streaming. Navigate to the official website for Adobe Flash Player at, and select the option to install the latest software version.