Video On Demand  

There are several occasions that we missed watching the live broadcast. We missed watching our favorite speakers live for some reason. 

It could be that you are in a meeting or in attendance to some other important matter. It could be that your internet is down. It could be that your device is running out of battery and etc. 

Good News Is, through our vidTvo platform, you can watch recorded videos from the live broadcast of your favorite ministry or speaker! 

Our OnDemand platform vidTvo allows you to rewatch live services that you missed!

Here's how you can access the OnDemand content. 

  • On the streaming page/media player, click the OnDemand button third from the left, above the player.


  • It will then redirect you to our vidTvo platform. If you click the Video OnDemand button from the page of a specific ministry, it will directly gets you to their vidTvo Channel. 


                      ( If you are in a "LifeStream Streaming Page" and you click the Video On Demand from the page, it will                                  bring you directly to the Lifestream vidTvo Channel)


  • Scroll down and you can now start watching OnDemand videos or review live services!

Enjoy Watching!

Note: The content for every channel is different. The features, videos, playlist, etc. are depending on the management of the channel owner. If there are any concerns or questions, please contact the Channel Owner or the Church directly for quick resolution.