There are several reasons why you are getting"STREAM UNAVAILABLE" error on the screen when you click the play button on the player. 

Below are the possible reasons :

1. ) Either the ministry has not started the stream or there could be a potential technical problem from the                             broadcaster's end that might cause the delay for their scheduled broadcast. 

       (Solution: Contact 1800-317-5433 ext 3 or call the church office.

2.) Double-check your internet connection. Sometimes we don't notice that our devices are disconnected from the                    internet  whether wifi or hardline connection. If the connection is active and still you are unable to stream, try the steps       below.

          - If you are wirelessly connected, try to disconnect and reconnect to your wifi.

          - (Hardline connection) Unplug the ethernet cable from the back of your computer for 10 to 15 sec and reconnect.

          - Refresh the modem - unplug and replug after 15 to 20 sec. 

     If these steps do not work, call our tech support line 1800-317-5433 ext 3 for further assistance.