For best mobile viewing experience, here are some tips we recommend:

Internet Connection

  • Whenever possible, use a Wi-Fi connection instead of mobile data (3G or 4G).
  • Make sure you have a high-quality internet connection. Run a speed test on your device to know your maximum bandwidth limits. You will need at least a download speed of 1Mbps to live stream videos on standard quality.
  • Minimize the number of connected devices on Wi-Fi or router. Your bandwidth will be divided among the connected devices and will result to slower download speed.
  • If you use your cell phone network beware that you may exceed your monthly bandwidth limit and may lose connection during live streaming broadcast.

Mobile Device

  • Live streaming consumes device memory. To avoid video buffering, close unnecessary applications which may be consuming your device memory.
  • Make sure your device’s OS and applications are up to date.
  • Clear your cache memory on your phone.
  • Do not use private browsing mode on Safari on iOS
  • Restart your mobile device.

Video Quality

  • Choose the video resolution that is best suited to your internet connection. If you have a 1Mbps connection, choose a Standard Resolution rather than HD. Although it will reduce crispness, this may help solve the buffering issue.