How to connect your audio to Vmix.

1. Open Vmix and go to Add Input. Choose Audio Input > Click Audio Device Drop Down > Then Choose your Audio. Click Ok once done. 

2. If you are using a camera. You can also use the built-in. Click Add-input > Camera > Choose your Camera > Audio Device then choose the audio of your camera. Then click OK once done. 

3. After completely inputting the audio to Vmix you need to check the following.

1. Gear Icon - Click the gear icon if you wish to make changes to your audio in Vmix. 

2. Audio Icon - make sure that it's green

3. Audio Button - make sure that it's green

4. Headset or audio - make sure that it's green

4. In the audio settings you have the option to adjust the volume of your microphone. Audio arrives slightly quicker than video and as a result means the audio can be heard slightly before the video. There for you can set the audio delay settings on the audio input in order to sync it with the video. Once done you can click close right away.