Multi-View in Vmix allows you to show Multiple images, pictures, videos, and your camera all at the same time.

1. Open Vmix on your computer. 

2. Add your camera, video, or image. What element you need for your streaming. Click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the Add Input button then click blank to open a blank Vmix input.  

3. On the blank Vmix Input click the gear icon on the bottom right.

4. After clicking the gear icon this box will appear. Choose multi view. Click the drop down for each number so that you can choose which item will appear in your multi view. Then choose the template you will use and then click Add. 

Pic 1.

After you click add below you can now change the position of the Pictures, videos, image, and ETC by dragging it. To resize you can press and hold the shift button and then hover your mouse to make it large or small. After you finish you can close it right away. 

Pic 2.

5. After completing the steps you are set.